First-of-its-kind. Driven by science.

Welcome to the future of wellness with Honuka’s revolutionary snaps! By combining legendary Mānuka honey with Vitamins C and D using Lypearl Liposomal Bioscience, we've created a world-first.

Our patented Natural Molecular Dispersion technology blends millions of essential vitamin molecules within plant-based liposomes, forming 'pearl-like spheres' that deliver nutrients efficiently. Say goodbye to outdated pills and nasty gel emulsions! Our superior new science ensures 100% encapsulation and enhanced molecular delivery, all thanks to the natural properties of Mānuka honey. Certified for purity, authenticity, and potency, our Mānuka honey is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and more, offering unparalleled immune support and wellbeing benefits. Join the party and celebrate wellness!

At Honuka, we're game-changers. 

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Honuka liposomal vitamin infused snaps are created with the leading authorities in liposomal science Dr Crispin Eley and his team at Bio-Up Mimetic Technologies including Harvard, Stanford and Caltech Emeritus Professor, Dr John Baldeschwieler.

The New natural

Patented ‘natural molecular dispersion’ of vitamin molecules, pre-packaged in liposomes and dispersed throughout Mānuka Honey, eliminates the processing solvents, preservatives, flavours , colourants and aromas prevalent in many liquid vitamins, and replaces all these chemical additives with the natural properties and recognised benefits of wild grown New Zealand Mānuka Honey.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Certified 100% pure Vitamin C

Enhanced absorption, gentle on the stomach, sustained release and increased cellular delivery – Liposomal Vitamin C is like regular Vitamin C on overdrive. 


Verified 100% molecular encapsulation

Consistent absorption, no UV risk, enhanced bioavailability, convenient and controlled – Liposomal Vitamin D is the all-year-round way to support your wellbeing.



Co-Founder – BioUp Mimetic Technologies

PhD Cal Berkeley, U.S Former Deputy Director of Science and Technology Recipient of the highest award in U.S Science, The National Medal for Science and Technology


Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer – BioUp Mimetic Technologies

BA, MA, D.Phil Oxford, ChemistryFormer V.President - Gilead Sciences



Liposomal Vitamin D3


Liposomal Vitamin C

How does our Lypearl Bioscience work?

Think of liposomes as tiny, spherical ‘pearl-like shells’ made within the body from naturally occurring phospholipids.

These liposomes are an essential natural delivery method for nutrients, aiding direct and efficient absorption by the cells of the body. This process can be mimicked by science using plant based organic phospholipids to form similar ‘pearl-like shells’ around ingestible vitamins and nutrients which can then be carefully blended to supplement highly valued natural foods like Honuka’s prized Mānuka Honey.

Honuka has engaged some of the world’s foremost scientists in liposomal bioscience and combined their expertise with the knowledge of our own Master of Honey to create the perfect blend of Mānuka Honey and food grade liposomes packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

Lypearl liposomes are batch tested using transmission electron microscopy and other technology for assessing criticalliposomal size, shape, surface to nutrient ratio, and vitamin and nutrient levels.

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What they're saying about us

“Honuka’s products are unquestioably ground-breaking in scientific terms. The requirement for legacy powder and gel products to employ chemical processing solvents and preservatives has been removed along with the residual taste, and replaced with the properties and benefits of Manuka Honey. The patented  ‘Natural Molecular Dispersion’ of nutrients at individual molecular level faciliates a substantially increased level of bio-availability.”