Trace your Honuka


Our Bee Code allows you to trace exactly where your very own little Honuka gift from nature originated, and the path it took to get to you. The traceability and integrity of our wild grown Mānuka honey is the land upon which our business was built, and we invite our customers to experience it first-hand.

Hives are carefully placed within New Zealand’s remote, green backcountry – where the air is clean and the Mānuka is happily blooming. These are just some of great lengths we go to in order that our precious honey is contaminant-free and in harmony with nature.

Your Honuka

Sourced from the central North Island of New Zealand, your Honuka comes from one of our many specialized suppliers who source our wildcrafted Honey.

Located in the shadow of mountainous peaks the cool dry mountain air makes this location perfect for the growth of Mānuka tree's.

What makes Mānuka honey so special

Unique Mānuka Factor

The Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) symbol measures unique signature compounds of authentic Mānuka honey, including Leptosperin, DHA and MGO. Every batch is independently analysed and certified for quality, purity and authenticity by the UMF Honey Association (Licence number: 1088) – which also randomly tests Mānuka honey to ensure carrying the UMF
mark is true to what it says on the jar.


MGO stands for methylglyoxal, the naturally occurring compound that makes Mānuka honey special and gives it the unique potency that makes it so different to other honeys.